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ALL TOO HUMAN - because you're worth it

All Too Human

All Too Human
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Because You’re Worth It 1.4

Because You’re Worth It 1.4

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Marc Ducret: Guitars

Kasper Tranberg: Trumpet

Simon Toldam: Synthesizer and Piano

Peter Bruun: Drums, Synthesizer and Mopho 


Petter Eldh: Additional Synths

Anders Banke: Flute, Alto Flute and Bass Clarinet



Music by Peter Bruun

Produced by Petter Eldh and Peter Bruun

Recorded March 22nd-24th 2019 by Thomas Vang at The Village Recording, Copenhagen

Additional recordings by Petter Eldh at Galatea Studios, Berlin

Flute and Bass Clarinet recorded by Peter Bruun at BROWN NOTE, Copenhagen

Mixed by August Wanngren at Real Farm Studios, Copenhagen

Master and vinyl cut by CALYX Mastering

Artwork and phenakistoscopes by Morten Kantsø

Mirror design by Øivind Slaatto



Big thanks to Neill Cardinal Furio, Petter Eldh and Øivind Slaatto

Made with support from KODA, DJBFA, William Demant Fonden, Statens Kunstfond


“It was reminiscent of so much experienced music from the past and resembled nothing. In short, it was a fully unsolvable musical puzzle solved with entertaining bravura” - All About Jazz


“…the architectural work of the quartet was between classical balance and visionary audacity. Leaving at random only regrets, he fed our flags and questioned our neurons with an unusual strength of soul and therefore precious until the last resonance” - Culture Jazz


“A kind of magic carried by a quartet at the top, whose complementarity is incredible.” - Cityzen Jazz


“Fills out its artistic intentions with praise and in a completely convincing manner.” - Politiken

LIVE from Copenhagen 10.3.2018 :

Peter Bruun’s ‘All Too Human’

Because You’re Worth It...

Peter Bruun’s ‘All Too Human’ - Because You’re Worth It 

including a real foldable Magic Mirror!


In 2017, Danish percussive pioneer Peter Bruun set out on an ambitious adventure with three likeminded improvisers. Under the ‘All Too Human’ banner, their first album (2017’s ‘Vernacular Avantgarde’) succeeded in bringing life to their creative vision and was heralded by listeners and reviewers alike. On their new offering, ‘Because You’re Worth It’, ambitions have never been higher and their collective vision has become clearer and more refined.


Bruun’s compositions are a blend of the sonically familiar and unfamiliar – like pop music from a parallel universe. Intricate formulas are used to manipulate listeners’ ears, intuitions, and musical expectations, catering to the highest common denominator. The material carefully manages to merge the catchy and comfortable with the fresh and thus far unheard. Songs are composed in the spirit of “bringing the avant-garde back to the people,” which means making these mature, sophisticated pieces accessible to any type of listener – not only those who revel in and are defined by the ‘avant-garde’. Instead, the overall mission is to share in the celebration of humanity through common understanding of music, poetry, and sounds – honoring the breadth of universal understanding and communication between band and audience.



This deluxe package includes one foldable magic mirror and eight exiting animated phenakistoscopes, one for each song.  

The new album, to be released in 2020 on ILK Music, is a musical love letter to listeners… Because You’re Worth It.


Peter Bruun (DK): Drums, Mikrokorg, and compositions

Marc Ducret (F): 6- and 12-String Guitars

Kasper Tranberg (DK): Trumpet and Cornet

Simon Toldam (DK): Moog, JUNO 60, and Phillicoda

Petter Eldh: Bass and electronics

Anders Banke: Saxophone, Clarinets and flutes

Producer: Petter Eldh and Peter Bruun

Migic Mirror design: Øivind Slaatto

Cover, animation and phinakistoscopes: Morten Kantrsø




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The If Machine:

Fatalistic tendencies:

Tipping Points:

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Kasper Tranberg 

is a composing improviser who plays cornet and trumpet and likes poetry.

Kasper performed and recorded as a sideman with international artist like Steve Swallow, Tim Berne, Michael Blake, Django Bates, Tyshawn Sorey, Gianluigi Trovesi, Yusef Lateef and Adam Rudolph.

Marc 1.jpg

Marc Ducret 

is a self-taught unique guitar player who is bending the reality of the instrument to it’s outer boundaries as well as a composer.  

Interested in all kinds of musical and non musical means of expression, Ducret plays - besides regular acoustic and electric guitar - acoustic and electric 12-string, fretless, baritone, soprano, 8-string. 

Simon 1.jpg

Simon Toldam 

is an exiting and acclaimed musician from the current generation. He is also a member of Danish label/collective ILK. Simon is famous for his own trio as well as his playing in the legendary Han Bennik’s trio

Peter 1.jpg

Peter Bruun 

started playing drums at the Rhythmic Children's School in Copenhagen at the age of three. This became a life-long immersion into drums, music and composition.

Peter is an active member of ILK (Independent Label of København). ILK is a danish collective of musicians who releases music with absolute artistic freedom. 

Peter is well known for his long engagement with Django Bates trio Belovèd (ECM) and Samuel Blaser trio (Hatology) among a variety of cross-boarder collaborations throughout europe and US. 

The avant-garde: Works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox, with respect to art, culture, and society.  It may be characterized by nontraditional, aesthetic innovation, and it may offer a critique of the relationship between producer and consumer.

The vernacular:  The language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people of a country or region. Ex: ’he wrote in the vernacular to reach a larger audience’.



Paradox: A person or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities …