A L L   T O O   H  U M A N - because you're worth it!


(SINGLE one of three)

Marc Ducret (F): Guitars

Kasper Tranberg (DK): Trumpet and Cornet

Simon Toldam (DK): Moog, JUNO 60, piano and Phillicoda

Peter Bruun (DK): Drums, MOPHO, synths and piano

Animation (DK): Morten Kantsø 

“It was reminiscent of so much experienced music from the past and resembled nothing. In short, it was a fully unsolvable musical puzzle solved with entertaining bravura”

All About Jazz - Live @ Enjoy Jazz Festival 29.10.2019


“In these avant-garde lands, swing was only a ghost. It was replaced by another form of rhythmic singing that took its source in the quivering shadows that roamed our basely earthly bodies abandoned to time. Sometimes disconcerting, captivating most of the time, and one did not prevent the other, the architectural work of the quartet was between classical balance and visionary audacity. Leaving at random only regrets, he fed our flags and questioned our neurons with an unusual strength of soul and therefore precious until the last resonance”

Culture Jazz - Live @ Periscope 2.11.2019