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I started playing drums at the Rythmic Childrens

School in Vesterbro in Copenhagen at the age of three. This became a life-long immersion into drums, music and composition.


My mother and father are both music

lovers and in my childhood home there were

always instruments and people to play them.

I was admitted to the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, at the age of eighteen. After 3 years I discontinued my formal education to travel in

India and Brasil and continue to study on my own.

I'm an active member of ILK (Independent

Lable of København). ILK is a danish collective of musicians who releases music with absolute

artistic freedom. 


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I did this:

  • Eggs Laid By Tigers – Live Berlin, ILK, 2016

  • Eggs Laid By Tigers – This Red-Eyed Earth, ILK, 2014

  • Unintended Consequences – Klokkespil, ILK 2013

  • Eggs Laid By Tigers – Under The Mile Off Moon, ILK, 2012

  • Spring ”Slides” - ILK 2010

  • Spring ”Spring” ILK -2008

  • Buffalo Age - ILK 2007

  • WBZ - Prima Ballerina - ILK 2006

  • Radar - ILK 2004

Someone else did this WITH me:

  • Richard Andersons UDU 2 album already

  • Marc Ducret TOWER BRIDGE (The big band) AND the quintet called REAL THING #1

  • Django Bates trio Beloved - Confirmation and 'Beloved Bird' And The Sudy Of Touch

  • Jacob Anderskov's RESONANCE and strings and percussion. also two albums

  • SIMON TOLDAM STORK. also TWO unique albums from quite resent years!

  • Mark Solborg TRIO

  • I think there are some more that I'll remember later

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