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Voice - Electronics - Drums

"...denne duoen er noe av det mest spennende jeg har hørt innenfor vokal/tromme-duoer noen sinne. Et fantastisk samarbeid som bare må fortsette!" - Jan Granli


Randi Pontoppidan and Peter Bruun are both masterful improvisers and accomplished musicians. With inspiration from nature and the interplay of light and darkness in a sonic space Bruun and Pontoppidan will get you on a very special journey. Two explorers with lots of curiosity, playfulness and joyful energy that are not limited by any genre. This concert will open doors to raw jazz improvisation, contemporary classical music, folk music and electronica.  Don´t miss this firework 🙂 


Randi Pontoppidan - Voice and live electronics

Peter Bruun - Drums and special effects

Randi Pontoppidan is nominated for the 2020 Steppeulven award - best vocalist in Denmark. She is an internationally acclaimed artist, improviser and composer, working with free improvisation, jazz, performance art, electroacoustic composition and sound poetry. She creates vast sonic landscapes full of organic warmth and poetic sensibility, and is known for her extended vocal techniques, often mixed with live electronic processing. She is been likened to Diamanda Galás and Maja S. K. Ratkje. She works with jazz luminaries including Greg Cohen, Joëlle Léandre, Sissel Vera Pettersen and with Danish poet Morten Søndergaard. Pontoppidan is also an in-demand vocalist in the contemporary classical world, working with Paul Hillier’s Theatre of Voices and performing works by Steve Reich, David Lang, Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage and others. Pontoppidan explores the outer limits and deepest secrets of the human voice. “Randi is a poet of the highest order” (Greg Cohen) 


Peter Bruun:The combination of musical variety and uncompromising expression makes Peter Bruun one of the most in-demand players on the expressive jazz scene . His authority on the instrument has only grown stronger the last 10 yeas with impressive international touring. From Royal Albert Hall to China he has stood by his vision of presence through improvisation. His playing reflects a combination of intuitive expression and a fully embodied instrument. 

As a composer he has received broad recognition for a variety of different project; All Too Human the pop-art group Eggs Laid By Tigers as well as his previous solo album Unintended Consequences.

Peter Bruun has collaborated toured and recorded with some of the most innovative personalities in improvised music: Django Bates, Marc Ducret, Tim Berne, Evan Parker, Chris Speed, Herb Robertson, John Tichai and others. He's drumming can be found on ECM, ILK Records, Hatology, Edition Records, Ayler Records.

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